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Plan to stay/Visa

How to get a Colombian Visa

According to the Colombian Secretary of Tourism, the only risk for visitors coming here is wanting to stay. And it’s true! Many foreigners are fascinated with this beautiful country for a multitude of reasons including its amazing nature, the very welcoming and kind people, the weather, multi-ethnicity, music, etc. A growing group of foreigners is… Keep Reading

Things to do

Lingua Viva – Cali’s New & Improved Spanish Language Institute

Like the rest of Colombia, Cali is growing and changing rapidly. Although it hasn’t seen the same modernization as Medellin and Cartagena, Colombia’s third largest city is maturing in its own way. Increased safety, international exposure of the FARC peace treaty, a growing economy, and successful tourism campaigns have made Colombia a top destination for… Keep Reading


Cabify – my favorite taxi in Colombia

Two years ago I wrote a post about riding taxis in Cali. But the truth is that these days I rarely get in a yellow cab anymore. For more than a year, I was a loyal Uber client in Cali. We even sold one of our cars because it was cheaper to just hire a car… Keep Reading

Health Insurance in Colombia

A couple of months ago, I gave my second speech about visiting, living, and investing in Cali to a group of European and North American retirees and investors at the Live and Invest Overseas conference in Medellin. It’s an annual, weeklong event with up to 8 different speakers presenting each day. Lots of information as… Keep Reading

Investing/Plan to stay

5 Advantages To Buying an Old Apartment in Colombia

The traditional model of selling apartment towers in Colombia, and many other places around the world, is based on pre-sales. The builder buys a lot, constructs a sales office that doubles as a demo unit, and begin to sell apartments until they reach a breakeven point and begin the construction. Anything sold after construction has begun usually… Keep Reading

Things to do/Weekend trips

A Weekend to San Andres

I love the beach and so do my kids. So a couple of weeks ago, for my birthday, we decided to take a spontaneous last-minute trip to San Andres for the weekend. Although closer to Nicaragua the tiny 26 km2 island belongs to Colombia and is a tourism hotspot for mostly Colombians and oddly, lots… Keep Reading

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