Peru Peñon – Cali’s best Seafood

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What is the best ceviche you’ve ever had? Mine was at Peru Peñon in Cali. And if I’m not counting my grandmothers salmon, then I might have to nominate their salmon for best in category as well. Anything that has to do with cooking things from the ocean, rocks at this establishment – and that is quite a statement after traveling through 52 countries. This a is a place where you can go on a date, go with your kids, celebrate your birthday (as I did), go with friends or even business connections. Everybody will find something they like on the menu. Heck, even my friends that don’t like seafood, like the fish here.

The old saying goes “there are two things in this world that smell like fish.. one of them is fish!” The other one is… well, let’s just leave that for your imagination, but adding that nothing smells fishy at Peru Peñon. This is the best quality seafood the entire city has to offer in my honest opinion.  My favorite starters include any ceviche on the menu or if splitting a plate get the “Jalea a la Chalaca” or the “Corvina en Trozos”. For the main course I recommend the “Salmon de la Casa”, “Salmon de Nikeii”, “Pescado a la Chalaca” or “Saltado de Mariscos en Leche de Coco”. That being said, the menu is large and everything I’ve ever tried has been delicious except for the “Lomo Saltado”… It’s good, but just not amazing and I personally find it kind of boring, when such a great restaurant serve a wok dish with fries.

To top it all off, make sure to wash it down with a Pisco Sour or the Chicha Morada if you don’t drink alcohol. For some reason they don’t always have the Chicha Morada, in which case I would go for the coconut lemonade.

This place isn’t cheap by Colombian standards, but compared to amazing seafood restaurants in Europe or North America, it’s a bargain. Expect to spend around $50-75.000 pesos per head including drinks. Enjoy!

Peru Peñon • Calle 1 oeste # 2-40 in El Peñon – Cali, Colombia

Opening hours: Every day from lunch to dinner
Resevations: 882 1195 – I never make a reservation anywhere in Cali (except at the Teatro Magico del Sabor), but if going with more than 4 people it might be wise at this place.

They also have a restaurant in the commercial center of Cali, that according to their website have a slightly smaller and different menu. I’ve never been, so unfortunately can’t comment on it.

Passed through Cali for the first time in 2011, on his way from the US to Brazil on a motorcycle. Ended up kissing a caleña on his last night and the rest is history. Has been a resident of Cali, Colombia since 2013 and currently living in Barrio Bellavista with his girlfriend and 2 daughters.

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