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Carolina Caicedo: A Caleña Abroad

Carolina is a friend of mine, who I met a la Feria in Cali back in 2013. She first became a friend of my little brother and shortly thereafter of my entire family. After leaving Colombia, she has remained the #1 whatsapp buddy of my girlfriend and she even spent Christmas with my parents in… Keep Reading

Groceries/Plan to stay

Where To Buy Good Meat In Cali

Have you ever been to Galaría Alameda in Cali? It’s a fun place to visit and a great spot to try out exotic fruits and buy your veggies. But I’d never buy my meat there. It’s kind of like driving through a Colombian pueblo. You’ll pass the local butcher and the meat will be hanging… Keep Reading

Tennis Courts in Bellavista

On the road towards the Cristo Rey, in barrio Bellavista, lies a tennis academy with 4 orange gravel courts and a little club house. The owner, Sigifredo Hidalgo was an ATP player back in 1988. Him and his right-hand man, Vaquero (cowboy), and bunch of young up-and-coming tennis players offer private training classes, sparring sessions and court… Keep Reading

4 Co-Working Spaces in Cali

You might have a WiFi connection at home or at the your hotel, but maybe you tend to fool around on social media instead of actually getting stuff done? Or maybe you need access to a printer, scanner, conference room and would like to socialize and bounce ideas off with other entrepreneurs? Maybe you live in… Keep Reading

Restaurants/Things to do

4 Great Breakfast Restaurants in Cali

Feeling lazy or have an empty fridge? Or maybe your hotel doesn’t offer breakfast – and if they do, maybe it’s the universal continental breakfast consisting of the whitest and driest bread, margarine, factory-made jam with less than 5% real fruit and instant coffee? Pathetic and not exactly breakfast for champions. Luckily, in Cali there… Keep Reading

Accommodation/Plan to visit

4 Great $10 Hostels in Cali

For those on a tight budget, I’ve highlighted my favorite 4 hostels in Cali – all of whom have dorm beds available for less than $10 dollars per night. If anyone offers you a room much cheaper than this, I would seriously doubt whether their sheets are clean and wonder if their business is a legitimate establishment.… Keep Reading

15 Colombian Festivals Worth A Visit

“Colombia es muy relajado!” proclaimed my friend this past Monday – on Día de la Raza – just one of the 18 national holidays in Colombia. He was drinking beer, grilling corn and enjoying the view of the valley from his finca in El Carmen, near KM26, on the road towards Buenaventura. He is right. In Colombia, there seems… Keep Reading

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