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Plan to stay

Family of 4: Budget for living in Cali

To give potential residents of Cali an idea about how much it costs to live a good life in Cali, I have been tracking my expenses over the last couple of months to provide you with a rough estimate. We all have different perceptions of what a good life includes. You can probably do cheaper and… Keep Reading


Anderson: A Gold Miner From Timbiquí

Anderson is the cousin of one of my neighbours. I met him by our swimming pool during the holidays. Although he lives less than 45 minutes away from Cali by plane, his world is very different from mine. I kept picking him for stories about his life on the Pacific Coast. This interview is a… Keep Reading

Culture/Plan to stay

The Cost Of Having A Maid In Colombia

One of the things about Colombia that makes life here feel luxurious, at least in the eyes of a foreigner, is the fact that services that include manual labour are very affordable. For me, personally, having a full-time maid is something I would have never been able to afford in Europe. But with two little… Keep Reading

Investing/Restaurants/Things to do

Go Green Salad Bar

Do you ever get enough of the Colombian fritanga? Empanadas, papa rellena, chicharrón, picada and chunchulo might taste good, but isn’t good for you. Enter Go Green, a salad bar and newcomer on the Cali restaurant scene. The restaurant is built kind of like a Subway. The menu includes salad bowls, rice bowls, sandwiches, wraps, and quesadillas. You order… Keep Reading


Carolina Caicedo: A Caleña Abroad

Carolina is a friend of mine, who I met a la Feria in Cali back in 2013. She first became a friend of my little brother and shortly thereafter of my entire family. After leaving Colombia, she has remained the #1 whatsapp buddy of my girlfriend and she even spent Christmas with my parents in… Keep Reading

Groceries/Plan to stay

Where To Buy Good Meat In Cali

Have you ever been to Galaría Alameda in Cali? It’s a fun place to visit and a great spot to try out exotic fruits and buy your veggies. But I’d never buy my meat there. It’s kind of like driving through a Colombian pueblo. You’ll pass the local butcher and the meat will be hanging… Keep Reading

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