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Grama® Sportswear

My girlfriend calls me “el hombre primitivo” – the primitive man. One of the reasons is that I rarely buy new clothes for myself. I can have a pair of jeans for 10 years if they are good and I like the fit and feel. As the old saying goes: “if it isn’t broke, why… Keep Reading

Best Ice Cream in Cali

On a hot summer day, which is pretty much any day in Cali, there is not nothing better than an ice cream in the late afternoon. For me at least. Luckily Cali has several places where you can satisfy your cravings. Lengua de Mariposa I just found this place.. I mean, I literally just got… Keep Reading

Taxis: Ride Safe in Cali

Usually traveling in taxis is safe but everyone seems to know someone who has been robbed by a “taxi driver” and his friends.  So, out of an abundance of caution here are some quick tips to making sure you arrive at your destination safely: Use a taxi app on your smart phone like Easy Taxi. … Keep Reading

Restaurants/Things to do

Crepes & Waffles

In Colombia it is hard to find any high-quality chain restaurant. And really, that’s fine with me. I prefer to support the smaller owner-operated establishments. But there is one that is too good to ignore – Crepes & Waffles. What started as a small crepería in Bogotá in 1980, with 2 students still in university,… Keep Reading

Cali’s Supermarkets

After moving to Colombia I had to figure out where to do my shopping. Sure, my girlfriend and her family had plenty of suggestions, but as a foreigner we do not always appreciate the same things in life. There’s a ton of supermarkets in Cali and on top of the more established chains that are spread… Keep Reading

Restaurants/Things to do

Peru Peñon – Cali’s best Seafood

What is the best ceviche you’ve ever had? Mine was at Peru Peñon in Cali. And if I’m not counting my grandmothers salmon, then I might have to nominate their salmon for best in category as well. Anything that has to do with cooking things from the ocean, rocks at this establishment – and that is quite… Keep Reading

Restaurants/Things to do

Teatro Magico del Sabor

A visit to Teatro Magico del Sabor is in my honest opinion the best dining experience one can have in Cali. You may not agree that it is the best food in Cali, but you will have a hard time convincing me that the overall experience isn’t the best. Most likely you have never tried anything… Keep Reading


Good Bakeries in Cali

I am a bread lover. I am also a bread snob. I know it, and my friends and family here in Cali tell me daily. But I can’t help it – and I’m never going to get used to eating the white Colombian bread they serve everywhere. Whether Bimbo or straight from the bakery, it… Keep Reading

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