La Colina – Cali’s oldest Bar

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To me, La Colina is one of those places where you have to stop for a beer while in Cali. It’s a local watering hole, that has been in operation since 1942, which I’m pretty sure makes it win the title as oldest bar in the city, that’s still in operation. I don’t think much has changed since the bar opened its doors for the first time. When you step inside the place, it’s like stepping back in time. Ancient decor, dim lighting, rustic furniture, and a bartender that could have been your great grandfather, come together to create an ambience not found in any other place in Cali.

The full name of the place is La Colina Tienda Tertuliadero. La Colina means “the hill”. Tienda Tertuliadero is a little more tricky. Tienda translates to “shop” or “store”. Tertuliadero means that it’s a place to meet up with friends, have a drink and talk about art, culture, history, etc.

It’s a great place to start your night out. The place begins to fill up just after dinner, and I suggest that you arrive early as well if you want a table. The crowd is usually a mix of artists, intellectuals, hipsters and tourists. Aside from your Pokers, Clubs and Costeñas, they also have craft beer on tap – a little luxury in a country where micro-brewing is still in its very infancy.

La Colina is a hidden treasure and part of Cali’s cultural heritage. How often do you get a chance to combine culture, history and beer drinking in Colombia? I advise against leaving the city without paying a visit to this little bar first.

La Colina Tienda Tertuliadero

Calle 1 # 4-83 in Barrio San Antonio, Cali

Open every day from 5:00PM – 11:45PM.

Passed through Cali for the first time in 2011, on his way from the US to Brazil on a motorcycle. Ended up kissing a caleña on his last night and the rest is history. Has been a resident of Cali, Colombia since 2013 and currently living in Barrio Bellavista with his girlfriend and 2 daughters.

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