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Corpobello Medical Spa & Massage in Cali

You ever feel a need for a good massage? I try to get a full-body massage at least once a month. It’s a small luxury, but I’ve found that it relieves small pains and improves my mood. I prefer a a relaxing oil full-body massage. Not only does it feel amazing, but massages also come with a range of benefits.… Keep Reading

World’s Cheapest Manicure and Pedicure

Unless you’re at the beach, in a water park or at the gym, it’s pretty rare to see Colombians dress informal in shorts, tank-tops, sweatshirts and flip flops. They usually don’t even leave their house without showering, making their hair look great, shaving or putting make-up on. Looking good in public is very important to Colombians, and because… Keep Reading

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