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Wednesdays = 50% Discount in Cali’s Cinemas

A favorite pastime of the Caleños is going to the cinema. They love watching movies and because demand is high, the movie theaters in Cali are of very high quality. Every shopping center has a cinema and 3 different companies dominate the market: Cine Colombia with locations in shopping centers Palmetto, Cosmo Centro, Chipichape, Rio Cauca and… Keep Reading

Organic Farmers Market in Cali

Lots of foreigners and Colombians alike, claim that Colombia has the best produce. And while it’s true that the soil here is incredible fertile and they have amazing varieties of fruits and veggies here, most of it is full of pesticides. Don’t trust me? Try picking up one of the tomatoes at your local supermarket.… Keep Reading

Grama® Sportswear

My girlfriend calls me “el hombre primitivo” – the primitive man. One of the reasons is that I rarely buy new clothes for myself. I can have a pair of jeans for 10 years if they are good and I like the fit and feel. As the old saying goes: “if it isn’t broke, why… Keep Reading

Cali’s Supermarkets

After moving to Colombia I had to figure out where to do my shopping. Sure, my girlfriend and her family had plenty of suggestions, but as a foreigner we do not always appreciate the same things in life. There’s a ton of supermarkets in Cali and on top of the more established chains that are spread… Keep Reading

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