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My 10 Favorites from the Colombian Kitchen

I think it is fair to say that few people visiting Colombia have been very impressed with the local cuisine. An I have to agree. For a country that has such a rich and diverse selection of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, they should have some of the best food in South America. Unfortunately that’s… Keep Reading

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Cali’s best Empanadas

If you don’t know what an Empanada is, well then you’re missing out. It’s a street food that you can find many places in Latin America. Made of corn dough wrapped around a mixture of meat, onions and potatoes and then fried, it makes for the perfect snack to wash down with a cold beer. Every… Keep Reading

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Restaurante Pica – Peruvian Fusion in Cali

After having several friends recommend Restaurante Pica to me, I finally went with my family on a Saturday for lunch. We arrived at around 2:00 p.m., which is prime time for lunch-eating Colombians on the weekend, but sadly the restaurant was completely empty. Looking at the menu, I quickly realized why. This place is expensive… Keep Reading


Tizones – Cali’s best Steakhouse

“Corazones, umbre, chunchulo o criadillas” was the answer I got from our waiter when asking for recommendations about our starters. My buddy had a questioning look in his eyes. He hadn’t understood a word of what was said. Half-giggling I started translating for him.. Cow heart, cow udder, chicken intestines or the balls of a bull.… Keep Reading

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Eat like a Lion at Pampero in Cali

A thing that can be hard to find on a budget in Colombia – really anywhere in Central and South America – is a good steak. The exception being in Uruguay and Argentina. First of all their cuts of meat are different here. As an example, my all-time favorite cut, the ribeye, is almost impossible… Keep Reading

Best Ice Cream in Cali

On a hot summer day, which is pretty much any day in Cali, there is not nothing better than an ice cream in the late afternoon. For me at least. Luckily Cali has several places where you can satisfy your cravings. Lengua de Mariposa I just found this place.. I mean, I literally just got… Keep Reading

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Crepes & Waffles

In Colombia it is hard to find any high-quality chain restaurant. And really, that’s fine with me. I prefer to support the smaller owner-operated establishments. But there is one that is too good to ignore – Crepes & Waffles. What started as a small crepería in Bogotá in 1980, with 2 students still in university,… Keep Reading

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