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Ware – Colombia’s Best Arepa?

With the risk of offending a sizeable chunk of the Colombian population, I must say that the Arepa – Colombia’s stable corn bread – remains one of the most boring, tasteless things I have ever put in my mouth. From what I can gather from fellow expats and other foreign visitors, I am far from alone… Keep Reading

Restaurants/Things to do

Café Los Turcos – Great Oriental Cuisine in Cali

If you need a break from the plantains and beans, I’d recommend that you check out Los Turcos right behind the Centenario shopping center in Cali. The menu features a selection of specialties from the Middle East, including the Turkish, Arab and Persian kitchens. Falafel, hummus, caramelized onions, couscous, tahini sauces, eggplant moussaka, etc. Although less… Keep Reading

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Go Green Salad Bar

Do you ever get enough of the Colombian fritanga? Empanadas, papa rellena, chicharrón, picada and chunchulo might taste good, but isn’t good for you. Enter Go Green, a salad bar and newcomer on the Cali restaurant scene. The restaurant is built kind of like a Subway. The menu includes salad bowls, rice bowls, sandwiches, wraps, and quesadillas. You order… Keep Reading

Restaurants/Things to do

4 Great Breakfast Restaurants in Cali

Feeling lazy or have an empty fridge? Or maybe your hotel doesn’t offer breakfast – and if they do, maybe it’s the universal continental breakfast consisting of the whitest and driest bread, margarine, factory-made jam with less than 5% real fruit and instant coffee? Pathetic and not exactly breakfast for champions. Luckily, in Cali there… Keep Reading

Restaurants/Things to do

Chilli Chang: Asian Bistro and Rooftop Bar

A new, futuristic building on a corner in Santa Monica houses Chilli Chang, a new, 3-story Asian bistro with a rooftop bar. From the outside, the place looks cool. On the inside, I found the decor to be a little dull. That shouldn’t keep you from going though. The food is great, service attentive and… Keep Reading

Restaurants/Things to do

Juancho’s Chorizo Sandwich is Cali’s Best

Picking up my mother in-law yesterday, in barrio Primero de Mayo, resulted in a very pleasant surprise. Approaching dinner time and with a slight hangover I was looking for something salty, greasy and good. Driving down Calle 14, about one block from my planned destination, I saw a big sign saying “Parrillada Uruguaya Juancho”. Anyone… Keep Reading

Restaurants/Things to do

Cali’s best Pizzarias

We all know pizza is bad for you, but once in a while, it’s hard to avoid the temptation. I’m no stranger to the cravings and I once spent a week in Italy eating pizza for both lunch and dinner every day. Thank God, I’ve been blessed with a great metabolism. Caleños and maybe Colombians… Keep Reading

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