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Salsa bars in Cali

This post is way overdue. For a city known as the Capital of Salsa, providing a list of the best places to dance in town, should have been the first thing on my mind. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a dancer so it has taken me a while to get to know the bars with the… Keep Reading

Culture/Nightlife/Things to do

La Colina – Cali’s oldest Bar

To me, La Colina is one of those places where you have to stop for a beer while in Cali. It’s a local watering hole, that has been in operation since 1942, which I’m pretty sure makes it win the title as oldest bar in the city, that’s still in operation. I don’t think much… Keep Reading


Gay Nightlife in Cali

If you’re not in Cali looking for a beautiful Caleña it must be because you’re either gay or married. If you’re married, be careful. Temptations are many in this city. If you’re gay, here’s my guide to the gay nightlife in Cali. To be honest, I know nothing about the gay scene in Cali, so… Keep Reading

Martyn’s Bar

I’m biased. I met my current girlfriend and the mother of my two daughters at Martyn’s Bar in the spring of 2011, so the thought of the bar awakes great memories for me. That be said, from an objective standpoint, I still think that Martyn’s Bar is a great place! Here’s why… This bar is an… Keep Reading

MiKasa Bar in Cali

Mikasa Bar is located in a villa in a residential neighborhood. I must haven driven by at least a dozen times, before one night when passing by with my girlfriend, I was told that there was a bar behind the subtle facade. Don’t be fooled by discrete exteriors. Behind the front door lies one of… Keep Reading

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