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Dollar-earning in Colombia: Start a Blog or Online Community

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Continuing the series on how to earn dollars in Colombia, here’s what I wrote in bullet point 3 in the original post: “Start a blog or make an online community about anything you’re passionate about. Once you have content, you can start selling ads or use affiliate marketing to generate income. In his book, Click…

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Barrios in Cali: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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According to wikipedia, Cali has 249 barrios or neighborhoods. It would be impossible for me to mention all of them here, but I’ll divide the city into districts and comment on the ones most relevant to you, the expat, the tourist or the curious adventurer. I’ll also be listing the most dangerous barrios that you should avoid at all…

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El Petronio Álvarez – Pacific Music festival

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Next week, from August 10-16 Cali will be hosting the 19th edition of the annual Pacific music festival, Petronio Álvarez. The festival is named after famous musician Patricio Romano Petronio Alvarez Quintero who was born on the island of Cascajal outside Buenaventura in 1914, and who dedicated most of his life to music, before dying in Cali…

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