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Groceries/Plan to stay

Where To Buy Good Meat In Cali

Have you ever been to Galaría Alameda in Cali? It’s a fun place to visit and a great spot to try out exotic fruits and buy your veggies. But I’d never buy my meat there. It’s kind of like driving through a Colombian pueblo. You’ll pass the local butcher and the meat will be hanging… Keep Reading

Groceries/Plan to stay

Organic Mini Markets in Cali

The organic movement is growing every day. Consumers all over the world are getting more conscious about what they eat and drink. Many also worry about the long-term environmental impacts of using pesticides and artificial fertilizers in farming. In Denmark, where I come from, I’d estimate as much as 30% of all food products sold in… Keep Reading

Organic Farmers Market in Cali

Lots of foreigners and Colombians alike, claim that Colombia has the best produce. And while it’s true that the soil here is incredible fertile and they have amazing varieties of fruits and veggies here, most of it is full of pesticides. Don’t trust me? Try picking up one of the tomatoes at your local supermarket.… Keep Reading

Cali’s Supermarkets

After moving to Colombia I had to figure out where to do my shopping. Sure, my girlfriend and her family had plenty of suggestions, but as a foreigner we do not always appreciate the same things in life. There’s a ton of supermarkets in Cali and on top of the more established chains that are spread… Keep Reading


Good Bakeries in Cali

I am a bread lover. I am also a bread snob. I know it, and my friends and family here in Cali tell me daily. But I can’t help it – and I’m never going to get used to eating the white Colombian bread they serve everywhere. Whether Bimbo or straight from the bakery, it… Keep Reading

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