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El Petronio Álvarez – Pacific Music festival

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Next week, from August 10-16 Cali will be hosting the 19th edition of the annual Pacific music festival, Petronio Álvarez. The festival is named after famous musician Patricio Romano Petronio Alvarez Quintero who was born on the island of Cascajal outside Buenaventura in 1914, and who dedicated most of his life to music, before dying in Cali…

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Parque del Ingenio in Cali

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Although far from central in it’s location, Parque del Ingenio might be the best park Cali has to offer – especially if you lead an active lifestyle. The park is huge by Colombian standards and features football (soccer) fields, a BMX park, running trails, several free outdoors gyms with weights, but also with bars for doing…

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