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Carolina Caicedo: A Caleña Abroad

Carolina is a friend of mine, who I met a la Feria in Cali back in 2013. She first became a friend of my little brother and shortly thereafter of my entire family. After leaving Colombia, she has remained the #1 whatsapp buddy of my girlfriend and she even spent Christmas with my parents in… Keep Reading

15 Colombian Festivals Worth A Visit

“Colombia es muy relajado!” proclaimed my friend this past Monday – on Día de la Raza – just one of the 18 national holidays in Colombia. He was drinking beer, grilling corn and enjoying the view of the valley from his finca in El Carmen, near KM26, on the road towards Buenaventura. He is right. In Colombia, there seems… Keep Reading


A Gringo’s Guide to Latin Music

Have you ever been to a club in Colombia after taking a few salsa classes? You feel confident and excited, ready to demonstrate your newly-acquired skills. You ask a local if he or she cares to dance. A few minutes later the DJ puts on a new song. To your un-trained gringo ears, it sounds… Keep Reading

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La Colina – Cali’s oldest Bar

To me, La Colina is one of those places where you have to stop for a beer while in Cali. It’s a local watering hole, that has been in operation since 1942, which I’m pretty sure makes it win the title as oldest bar in the city, that’s still in operation. I don’t think much… Keep Reading


Is El Niño Killing Cali…?

I woke up this morning to the view of a dark and overcast sky. After six months with very little rain, I was hoping for a torrential shower. By noon it had yet to happen. After lunch, the sun had burned through the clouds and a clear blue skyline began to appear. It seems to… Keep Reading

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Colombia: The Best Kept Secret In Travel

When Patrick from The Cali Adventurer blog approached me to pen a few guest posts about the travel hot-spots in Colombia, naturally I was delighted. As co-founder of Amakuna, a luxury travel company which specialises in creating tailor-made holidays in Colombia, there’s nothing I like doing more than sharing my top tips for travelling around… Keep Reading


Gay Nightlife in Cali

If you’re not in Cali looking for a beautiful Caleña it must be because you’re either gay or married. If you’re married, be careful. Temptations are many in this city. If you’re gay, here’s my guide to the gay nightlife in Cali. To be honest, I know nothing about the gay scene in Cali, so… Keep Reading

Don’t come to Colombia looking for a Job

Unless you plan to become a teacher or have a contract with a foreign company, coming to Colombia with hopes of landing your dream job might be a poor choice. Despite being one of the booming economies of Latin America, the labor market here is not very attractive from a foreigner’s perspective. Here’s why… If you don’t… Keep Reading

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