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We cover the following topics:

  • Restaurants, nightlife and accommodation in Cali
  • Things to do and places to visit in Cali and surrounding areas
  • Medical tourism in Cali
  • Colombian culture and local events
  • Entrepreneurship, business and real estate investing ideas in Colombia
  • Digital nomad lifestyle: tips, tools, ideas and book recommendations

The audience are mostly expats, residents and investors in Colombia, but almost 40% of our visitors come from the United States.
We are still in the early phases of making this blog, but it currently gets around 10.000 visits a month. Since September 2015, the website has been recognized as one of Colombia’s best expat blogs by Internations, the world’s largest expat community.

If you’re selling anything in Colombia, have a hotel, rent rooms, own a restaurant or are selling services to entrepreneurs, investors or digital nomads, advertising on this website could be for you.

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