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August 2015

Don’t come to Colombia looking for a Job

Unless you plan to become a teacher or have a contract with a foreign company, coming to Colombia with hopes of landing your dream job might be a poor choice. Despite being one of the booming economies of Latin America, the labor market here is not very attractive from a foreigner’s perspective. Here’s why… If you don’t… Keep Reading

Restaurants/Things to do

Cali’s best Pizzarias

We all know pizza is bad for you, but once in a while, it’s hard to avoid the temptation. I’m no stranger to the cravings and I once spent a week in Italy eating pizza for both lunch and dinner every day. Thank God, I’ve been blessed with a great metabolism. Caleños and maybe Colombians… Keep Reading


My 10 Favorites from the Colombian Kitchen

I think it is fair to say that few people visiting Colombia have been very impressed with the local cuisine. An I have to agree. For a country that has such a rich and diverse selection of fruits, vegetables, fish and meat, they should have some of the best food in South America. Unfortunately that’s… Keep Reading

El Petronio Álvarez – Pacific Music festival

Next week, from August 10-16 Cali will be hosting the 19th edition of the annual Pacific music festival, Petronio Álvarez. The festival is named after famous musician Patricio Romano Petronio Alvarez Quintero who was born on the island of Cascajal outside Buenaventura in 1914, and who dedicated most of his life to music, before dying in Cali… Keep Reading

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