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July 2015

7 Steps to Starting a Business in Colombia

This post applies to people interested in starting a business on the ground in Colombia. Being a stranger to how the system worked here, I found the process to be awfully complicated, compared to my home country, where one may open a business in 15 minutes online through a government website. Navigating Colombian bureaucracy can be… Keep Reading

How-to guides/Plan to stay

How to get a Colombian Drivers License

Most of my expat friends do it, but contrary to what most foreigners may think, you are not allowed to drive a car, bus, truck or ride a motorcycle in Colombia with your foreign drivers license, if you are residing permanently in the country. If you are visiting on a tourist visa you will be… Keep Reading

The Cost of Raising a Baby in Colombia

My friends abroad think that living in Colombia is dirt-cheap. And to be fair, it can be. Especially if you live off rice and beans, rent /buy your house in estrato 1 or 2, use public transportation etc. But if you’re looking to upgrade, then you’re in for a surprise. I’m sure tourists, who arrive with their hard… Keep Reading

Restaurants/Things to do

Cali’s best Empanadas

If you don’t know what an Empanada is, well then you’re missing out. It’s a street food that you can find many places in Latin America. Made of corn dough wrapped around a mixture of meat, onions and potatoes and then fried, it makes for the perfect snack to wash down with a cold beer. Every… Keep Reading

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