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June 2015

Playing Tejo in Cali

If you like to drink beer, get your hands dirty and play primitive games, then “Tejo” (pronounced te-ho) may be just what you are looking for. Considered one of Colombia’s national sports, the game dates back more than 500 years and was originally played with a disc made of gold. Anyone can play the game and it… Keep Reading

Restaurants/Things to do

Restaurante Pica – Peruvian Fusion in Cali

After having several friends recommend Restaurante Pica to me, I finally went with my family on a Saturday for lunch. We arrived at around 2:00 p.m., which is prime time for lunch-eating Colombians on the weekend, but sadly the restaurant was completely empty. Looking at the menu, I quickly realized why. This place is expensive… Keep Reading


Tizones – Cali’s best Steakhouse

“Corazones, umbre, chunchulo o criadillas” was the answer I got from our waiter when asking for recommendations about our starters. My buddy had a questioning look in his eyes. He hadn’t understood a word of what was said. Half-giggling I started translating for him.. Cow heart, cow udder, chicken intestines or the balls of a bull.… Keep Reading

Culture/Plan to stay

Colombia: Land of 18 National Holidays

So the 4th of July or Thanksgiving gets you excited? I don’t blame you. Usually it involves spending time with loved ones, eating great food and celebrating. But what if a few annual holidays simply isn’t enough? And what if you only had 5 or 10 days of vacation from your job, which is a reality… Keep Reading


Wednesdays = 50% Discount in Cali’s Cinemas

A favorite pastime of the Caleños is going to the cinema. They love watching movies and because demand is high, the movie theaters in Cali are of very high quality. Every shopping center has a cinema and 3 different companies dominate the market: Cine Colombia with locations in shopping centers Palmetto, Cosmo Centro, Chipichape, Rio Cauca and… Keep Reading

Martyn’s Bar

I’m biased. I met my current girlfriend and the mother of my two daughters at Martyn’s Bar in the spring of 2011, so the thought of the bar awakes great memories for me. That be said, from an objective standpoint, I still think that Martyn’s Bar is a great place! Here’s why… This bar is an… Keep Reading

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